Slots and Games from Television and Film Found at Winner Casino

Slots and Games from Television and Film Found at Winner Casino

Slots and Games from Television and Film Found at Winner Casino

📅26 June 2014, 12:38

Winner Casino has a huge selection of slots and games created from some of the world’s most beloved films and television shows. Take a look at the games below for a preview of what’s waiting in store for you.

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Created with the famous film Monty Python and the Holy Grail as the inspiration, this slot takes players through a game that is a mini feature in itself. Claim the progressive jackpot for yourself and win a life-changing sum in a single spin.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Modeled after the world-famous game show, you’ll spin to work your way up the prize payout ladder up to the top sum of £1 million! Take your place in the hot seat under the spotlight to get started.

The Money Drop Slot

Another slot that takes after a famous game show, you’ll have your work cut out for you trying to save as much cash as possible before it falls right through your fingers. Worry not, for the payouts are still incredibly high if you can’t manage to take home the top prize.

Six-Million Dollar Man

From the famous series of the same name, you’ll be playing alongside Steve Austin as he battles the criminal underworld with his bionic body parts. Do your part and earn some healthy cash prizes on your adventure.

Deal or no Deal

A game show most everyone is familiar with, players will be playing for the golden suitcase with the top prize hidden inside. Enjoy picking up plenty of rewards along the way to your final decision with the mysterious banker and his tempting offers.

John Wayne

The legendary silver screen cowboy, the Duke, John Wayne steals the scene in this western-themed slot where you’re taking charge in the Wild West. Money comes easy when life is cheap, stay safe in the American desert and keep your faithful six-shooter by your side.

Britain’s Got Talent

The national talent show of the United Kingdom reaches an even bigger audience with this incredible slot based on the wildly popular television show. Take the stage in search of the judges’ approval and cash rewards for your participation.


Go toe-to-toe with the biggest heavyweights of the world-famous boxing franchise, Rocky, and battle it out in the ring for heavyweight greatness and the rewards to match. Lace up your gloves and step up to the challenge.