Prizes Are Displayed Centre-Ring In 3 Clowns Scratch

Prizes Are Displayed Centre-Ring In 3 Clowns Scratch

📅16 April 2014, 13:30

There’s no better time to visit the 3-ring circus than now with 3 Clowns scratch. Buy a scratch card for a price you name and see if you’ve made the winning combination by revealing what’s under the surface.

Players have quite a bit of freedom with wagering, where they can place anywhere from $0.25 to $20 on a single card. That allows for a grand prize of up to $200,000 to be won!

despite the fact that many circus symbols are present on the cards, only three clowns in a row will make a winner.

Prizes for each card are revealed above the 9-square grid. If you manage to match 3 clowns in and vertical or diagonal orientation, you’ll win the corresponding prize.

Scratch each space individually or all at once. Players can even auto-play for up to 50 hands-free games.


Graphics and animation in the game are simple and based on a circus theme, with bright and festive colours as well as sounds.

Because the game is not demanding on players’ systems, there are hardly any load times to speak of and each game can be played and a new one started without delay.

Prizes Are Displayed Centre-Ring In 3 Clowns Scratch - overview
Winning Combinations

Summary: Put aside your childhood fear of men and women in makeup and outrageous clothes, All these clowns want to do is help you on your way to winning the biggest scratch card rewards under the sun.

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