3D Roulette Premium

3D Roulette Premium

📅23 February 2014, 14:31

Get ready to class things up with this incredible rendition of a classic casino game already synonymous with high-end entertainment. 3D Roulette Premium is the same great wheel-spinning casino game everyone loves, but with a few additional features to spice things up.

Take It for a Spin

An upbeat and jazzy score keeps the game lively, while rewards and wagering are as impressive as ever. Keep things modest with a minimum bet as low as $0.20 or wager as high as $1000 on a single spot to satisfy the high-roller in you.

Players will find plenty of options when it comes to betting on the standard board. However, if that just isn’t enough, the wagering options can be expanded to include even more prospects. This includes Red and Black splits, Voisins, Orphelins and Tiers.

Players can utilize the Auto-Play function to enjoy up to 50 automatic spins and Turbo Mode will allow for lightning fast rounds, putting money in players’ pockets even faster.

Quick betting buttons will allow users to double their bets on all positions with the click of one button, as well as undo their last action or clear all bets. After each spin, players can choose to recreate their previous bets and spin or build upon a previous bet before the next round of play.

The digital board on the right side of the screen will tell you just what numbers have been the result of each spin and their position in terms of how many spins have taken place. This feature tracks the outcome of the last 11 spins.

An impressive amount of customization gives players a lot of freedom on the Roulette board. Try this game out today to see just what we mean.


The load time for this game is virtually non-existent, so there’s no waiting around to play. Each new game begins fluidly and animations are as realistic as it gets.

Playtech has really put out a winner with 3D Roulette Premium and it won’t take long to convince anyone of the same. Play in-browser with a Flash plugin or download the casino software to play on your desktop.

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Summary: 3D Roulette Premium is a great way to play this classic casino game, offering a whole new face and a few additional features to help make the game even more enjoyable.

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