$10,000 Could Be Yours in Blackjack Scratch

$10,000 Could Be Yours in Blackjack Scratch

📅26 March 2014, 13:25

Just like the name would lead you to believe, Blackjack Scratch is a marriage between scratch cards and the classic card game Blackjack. The rules are simple and offer room to collect great rewards, with $10,000 being the top prize.

Three hands are played at once against the dealer, where a player receives three face-up and three face-down cards. Cards are scratched to reveal hand values before the dealer’s is revealed, if any of the player’s hands beat the dealer’s, the player is awarded with the corresponding prize. Up to $10,000 can be won in a single game.

Set your card value from $1-$10 and watch the potential rewards skyrocket. Autoplay can also be utilized for up to 99 turns for a bit of hands-free scratching when clicking fingers get tired.

Players also have the option to SHUFFLE the deck up to three times before receiving their next hands.

The software is incredibly lightweight and quick to load as well as reveal wining hands. Sound effects are simple and offer players a nice touch that adds to the overall experience at the Blackjack Scratch table.

Overall this is a great hybrid game for card game lovers and scratch card fans. Play a few rounds against the dealer and come up on a win. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to grab the $100K jackpot.

$10,000 Could Be Yours in Blackjack Scratch - overview
Winning Combinations

Summary: $100,000 is yours to win if you can beat the dealer’s cards in Blackjack Scratch. You have 3 chances every round to make a winning hand, don’t let this jackpot slip through your fingers.

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