Bonus Bowling Arcade

Bonus Bowling Arcade

📅05 March 2014, 14:25

While the real thing may be a challenge for most, Bonus Bowling is a cake walk at the online casino. Players stand to win generous payouts with a bit of smart wagering and a few simple clicks.

Start by placing a bet on the outcome of the next frame. Each frame has two throws, so keep that in mind. Rewards, odds and probability of success are different for each outcome, and they are as follows:




Bet Range


0-3 Pins

Pays x2

$0 – $50


4-6 Pins

Pays x3

$0 – $25


7-9 Pins

Pays x5

$0 – $20



Pays x10

$0 – $10



Pays x25

$0 – $4



Betting on multiple outcomes is the best way to secure your chances of winning. You can max out on every outcome of pick and choose values as you see fit.

After your bets are locked in, give the ball a toss by clicking Throw and see how many pins you can knock down. Remember, two throws are needed to complete every frame, so you may want to hold off on celebrating until each turn is over.

Bets can be cleared by pressing the Clear Bets button below the Throw button on the right side of the game screen.

Software and Sound

The game software is minimal and as such, requires virtually no load time. Animation is very simplified as well. Overall the game is very straight forward and all about wagering on the outcome of your throws.

Other than being seated at the side of the bowling lane, players will notice that all the background sounds of a real bowling alley can be heard while playing.

Bonus Bowling Arcade - overview
Winning Combinations

Summary: Bonus Bowling lets you reap real rewards from your throws as well as bragging rights. Get all the fun out of visiting your local bowling alley with cash in-hand.

3.5 Average