Casino Hold ‘Em Poker

Casino Hold ‘Em Poker

📅07 April 2014, 13:32

Popularized by film and television, Hold ‘Em Poker varieties are played in casinos and casual settings all over the world every day.

Winner Casino offers the game in a one-on-one, head’s up setting where a player faces the croupier, attempting to beat the opponents hand with one of higher value.

Only three rounds of betting are available in the casino version of the game, where the multiplayer version will feature several more along with checking and re-raising options. The minimum stake amount is $2 and reaches a maximum of $100. Players must make an Ante bet, but also have the options of a side, or AA, bet. Both have separate pay tables which can be viewed directly on the game screen.

The croupier’s cards must reach a minimum value pair of 4’s or higher to qualify. If the croupier does not qualify, his hand is forfeit and the player wins.

Betting chip denominations are located in the bottom left of the game screen and come in several values for player convenience. To place a bet, click the chip denomination to be placed and click the position on the table where it is to be placed. To remove individual bets, hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard and click the chip stack with the left mouse button.

After the flop, initial deal of cards, players will be able to FOLD or CALL. To fold forfeits all prior bets, to call proceeds with the remaining cards being dealt and a players bet being doubled.

Software and Design

The game mechanics are straight forward and the layout is very intuitive, giving players all the information they need to play in one convenient setup.

The game relies on graphics and animation very minimally, instead offering a good deal of entertainment from the game itself and an attractive payout percentage for players.

Casino Hold ‘Em Poker - overview
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Betting Options

Summary: Players who love Poker will get a real kick out of Casino Hold ‘Em, where everyone plays against the house with remarkable odds to win.

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