Double Blackjack Attack

Double Blackjack Attack

📅17 March 2014, 14:10

Straight away players will notice that this isn’t their typical blackjack game. An additional position for a hand of cards is available for players to make use of and special payouts for scenarios in which a croupier busts are on display.

The first card is dealt to the croupier. At that point the player can make an informed decision as to what the chances are of a croupier bust. Making use of the double attack option allows players to capitalize on a croupier bust and can potentially earn double the reward. The Double Attack option can be skipped entirely as well. The Split option exists as well for even more rewarding potential.

Chip denominations are located at the bottom left of the screen and players need only to click the desired value and where to place the chips on the blackjack table. New Game, ReBet and Deal, ReBet, Clear Bets, Doubling, and Undo options are all available for convenient betting. Side bets can also be placed in the ‘Bust It!’ betting area.

The big draw here is a player’s ability to capitalize on attacking a croupier’s hand. A bust spells big rewards for players with special payouts in case of a croupier bust using the ‘Bust It!’ feature.

The special payout conditions are as follows:

Croupier’s Hand:

888 suited – Pays 200:1

888 same color – Pays 50:1


Croupier’s Busted Card:


6 – Pays 15:1

7 – Pays 10:1

8 – Pays 8:1

9 – Pays 6:1

Face – Pays 3:1

Cards are then dealt to each participant one at a time. The first and the last card dealt to the player are face up. The card dealt to the croupier is face down. If a croupier’s first card is an Ace, players are given the option to purchase insurance in the case of a croupier landing a Blackjack.

One fun fact about this game is that it is played with 48 decks and all 10’s are removed in an effort to compensate players’ option to double bet before any of their own cards are dealt.


The game software is lightweight and takes hardly any time to get started. The animations are fluid and keep things moving swiftly.

The sounds are just what you might expect from the Playtech suite of casino table and card games. Lounge music and appropriate action sounds give the feeling of playing on a real casino floor.

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Summary: The game really takes blackjack to the next level and will be a must play for any fan of the game. Enjoy a game of Double Blackjack Attack for new approach to a classic card game with substantial rewards to boot.

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