French Multiplayer Roulette

French Multiplayer Roulette

📅23 March 2014, 11:36

Anyone who has played Roulette at an online casino knows that it is missing one very important aspect of casino fun, that’s the excitement of playing with other people at the table. Sizing up each other’s bets, following their lead or taking off on your own betting track is a great way to get even more entertainment out of your play. With Multiplayer French Roulette, you’ll get just what you’ve been missing.

Roulette Online With Friends

Playtech has done a fine job in addressing this missing factor in two ways, by introducing live Roulette games and Multiplayer French Roulette. The game is just like any other, except for the fact that is adds a human element to the equation.

Up to six players can join the tables at any given time and chat with each other, enjoy the game that much more. It’s like being at real venue in Vegas, only you can get away with wearing your underwear and eating chips at the table.

Don’t have any French speaking ability? That’s no problem, only a few phrases are actually needed to understand what’s going on, and if you know how to play Roulette you will already have a pretty good idea of what is going on.

Software and Design

The game table is set up in such a way that all the info one needs is readily available, including betting amounts, wagering positions, odds, and more. The wheel is situated on the screen in a conveniently with a zoomed portion over the ball’s position.

Animations and sounds are reminiscent of a classic casino space and the soundtrack isn’t distracting at all. Even if players prefer a quiet atmosphere, volume control allows for easy manipulation of the sound.

French Multiplayer Roulette - overview
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Betting Options

Summary: For those players who feel they’ve been missing out on something at the Roulette table, Multiplayer French Roulette has what you are looking for, by allowing up to six players enjoy the game together.

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