Jacks or Better 10-line Jackpot Video Poker

Jacks or Better 10-line Jackpot Video Poker

📅15 May 2014, 11:48

For players who love video poker with multiple opportunities to win and a progressive jackpot to boot, Jacks or Better 10-Line Video Poker is sure to deliver just what you are after.

With 10 hands played for every deal there are plenty of opportunities to win on a single hand of video poker.

Place a wager to get started and receive a 5-card hand to start the game. Stakes range from 5p to the max at £1. As many of five wagers can be places on a single hand. The number of wagers will determine a player’s payout for winning poker hands. Betting the max is the only way to win the progressive jackpot that build until it is finally won.

DEAL will need to be clicked when a player has locked in their bet and is ready to begin. Cards with a high value and the potential to turn into a strong combination should be HELD. As the game’s name suggests, a pair of Jacks is the lowest value hand that constitutes a win and is rewarded with a payout. Keep in mind, pairs of Jacks and higher will be HELD automatically. Pressing DEAL a second time will replace non-HELD cards with new cards. The number of cards kept and discarded is entirely up to the player.

Doubling is a fun addition to the game that can add some extra cash to a big win. Players can double for 05% and 100% of their win amount, in which case they compete against the croupier to draw the highest card. Five cards will be laid face down and the croupier will flip one over, it is then the player’s charge to beat this card with a higher value one of their own. If successful, players can double their win amount, if unsuccessful all winnings are lost.


The design of the game is clean and laid out in such a way that is very approachable for players of all experience levels.

Sound effects and graphics are very typical of the video poker genre, so no surprises there. However, the game doesn’t over compensate for its simplicity which is really appreciated.

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Summary: A solid choice when it comes to video poker titles, Jacks Or Better 10-Lines Jackpot offers multiple winning opportunities on every deal as well as the chance to win a massive progressive jackpot.

4.17 Good