Jack’s or Better 4-Line Video Poker

Jack’s or Better 4-Line Video Poker

📅17 April 2014, 13:58

Putting power in the player’s hand is what Jacks or Better 4 Lines Video Poker is all about. Rewards come quickly and players have a chance to earn up to 4x their rewards in every hand. Getting started takes only seconds and the guidelines for play are as simple as it gets.

To begin, players will need to place a wager on their hand before cards are dealt. Plyers may wager as little as $0.05 per hand or take the stakes to the max at $1 per hand. Up to five wagers are allowed to be placed on any single hand, which allows the stakes to climb as high as $20. To break it down into a formula, the betting limits look like this: Bet ($0.05-$1) x 4 lines ($0.20-$4) x 5 betting brackets ($1-$20). To win the maximum level or rewards on a winning hand players will need to bet the maximum allowed stake.

Cards will be dealt once a player’s wager has been accepted. Click DEAL to reveal your hand. You’ll want t0 HOLD cards with a high value and, because this is Jacks or Better Video Poker, a pair of Jacks is the lowest value hand that will be considered a win and receive a payout. Pairs of Jacks will be HELD automatically. HELD cards count for every hand. Press the DEAL button again to receive new cards in place of those that were not HELD.

Doubling is an added feature in Jacks or Better that allows players to double their winnings up to a maximum bet of $100. The DOUBLE option can be used to wager 50% of a players winnings as well if 100% seems to risky. All players need to do is beat the croupier’s card with one of higher value to win double their wager. The croupier will lay five cards face down and flip one over, it will be a player’s charge to beat that card by flipping one of the remaining four cards.

Design and Layout

Casino Video Poker games are simple in most cases and Jacks or Better is no different. What it lacks in flash it makes up for in great reward potential and approachable quality.

Because the game is so lightweight, there are virtually no load times. This allows for seamless play without any delay.


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Summary: Place a wager on Jacks or Better today and see if you can take down a royal flush payout worth a potential $320,000.

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