Marvel Roulette

Marvel Roulette

📅06 April 2014, 13:52

A delightful twist on the classic casino table game, Marvel Roulette takes the style one step further by incorporating an exciting and popular theme as well as introducing progressive jackpots and a special bonus outcome on the roulette wheel.

All the standard Roulette bets are made available to players with additional features added to make the game even more unique. Placing wagers on the standard odds, evens, reds, black, and everything in between will offer a fighting chance at generous rewards. The 0 and Marvel Bonus bets are worth the risk, delivering big returns when they’re the result of a spin.

Betting is simple and straightforward. Players may wager whatever amount they like so long as the minimum stake requirement is met, which will depend on how a player is betting.

Double bets, duplicate previous wagers, clear the board and other commands are easy to execute, requiring only a single click of their corresponding button.

The additional Marvel Bonus will pay 17 to 1 on top of whisking payers away to the Marvel Bonus round. The game will morph into a slot machine and offer players the chance to multiply their bets up to 100x if they can manage to match the highest paying symbol combination across the reels.

Marvel Jackpots

The full line Marvel jackpots are all also available to be won at any time while playing. A roulette game with a jackpot is not something you see every day and the opportunity to win will arise at random, giving players the chance to win one of four incredible jackpot prizes. If you manage to make it to the jackpot bonus game, match three of the same jackpot symbols to win the corresponding prize, which can reach into the millions.

The Marvel Experience

Aside from the casual casino music and roulette table sounds Playtech makes standard with all their roulette games, Marvel Roulette comes with unique sounds and music for their special features that add another level to the enjoyment.

The amount of variation that comes with this online roulette game really helps to raise it above the level of its counterparts.  Graphics and animations offer a more immersing experience to the game without sacrificing the fluid experience players have come to expect of Playtech games.

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Summary: A classic Roulette game with elements of a progressive jackpot slot, along with a popular theme that only Playtech can provide, Marvel Roulette will leave fans satisfied in every regard.

4.83 Excellent