Mega Jacks Video Poker

Mega Jacks Video Poker

📅20 March 2014, 12:59

Video poker fans are going to get a real kick out of this classic card game with a bit of extra rewards thrown in for good measure. Getting started is easy and as straight forward as can be.

First, you’ll need to place a wager before cards can be dealt. There are many options to choose from when it comes to betting amounts. Wagering begins at a modest amount of $0.25 and goes up to $1.25. You’ll then press DEAL to receive your first five cards. You’ll want to HOLD high-value cards to keep them in your hand and press the DEAL button again to discard those you opted not to HOLD, receiving new cards in their place. Your objective is to create the highest value poker hand to receive rewards as laid out in the game’s paytable. Pairs of Jacks are the lowest value hand that receives a payout.

Keep in mind that if your initial deal contains a pair of Jacks or any higher value hand, the applicable cards will be automatically HELD.

Doubling is a fun option that can lead to bigger payouts as well. Wins are automatically given the option to DOUBLE for 100% or 50% of the player’s winnings. The double-up process involves players attempting to beat the croupier’s card with one of their own that ranks higher in value. Players will need to select one from four face-down cards in the attempt to beat the croupier’s card.

Progressive Jackpot

A small percentage of every bet made goes into the progressive jackpot pool. The current value of the jackpot prize is always displayed at the top of the game screen. Bet the max and hold a Royal Flush to win the progressive jackpot payout.

Design and Layout

The design is simple to say the least and all the information anyone needs to know at any given time is displayed on the game screen.

The game loads swiftly and hands are played just as fast. With little downtime, participants will get plenty of action crammed into no time at all.

Sounds are what you might expect from these casino classics. Unique event sounds and background music are always available, otherwise players are free to adjust the volume as they see fit.

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Summary: Video poker with progressive jackpot rewards adds a new level of excitement to the game. Enjoy Mega Jacks today at the casino for a progressive spin on a classic card game.

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