NewAR Roulette

NewAR Roulette

📅30 March 2014, 12:34

Get your just rewards with a fun take on the classic table game of Roulette in NewAR Roulette from Playtech.

Players will notice right away that the game board is set up a bit differently than in traditional online Roulette games, but all the wagers players will want to make are available. The ultimate goal of the game remains unchanged, predict the outcome and players will receive a reward based on the stake.

Whether betting on odds, evens, reds or black, even specific numbers have their own unique payout. Place the desired stake with several chip denominations on the game boards in any combination.

Hovering the mouse cursor over each place will display the unique statistics and outcome for the given position. Betting begins at a modest $0.50 and reaches up to $300. Place wagers by clicking on specific position and remove betting amounts by holding the SHIFT key on the keyboard and clicking chips with the mouse.

Players have the option to undo their last bets, double their current stakes or reproduce the last wager for quick play. Begin the round by clicking the SPIN button in the display window.

The outcome history can be viewed at any time in the top left corner of the game display. It details color, number and how long ago it came up in the game history. This is an excellent tool to help determine which numbers could come up next.

Software and Design

As mentioned before, the game board is set up a bit differently than most traditional tables and there are a few additional wagering avenues that allow for higher maximum bets. This series of additions to the game help drive the excitement of Roulette even further.

The background score is a relaxing tune with a slow and easy pace. Event sounds are just what you’d expect to hear in a real casino setting as well.

The lightweight software offers lightning fast gameplay with little downtime between spins.

NewAR Roulette - overview
Table Layout
Maximum Payout
Betting Options

Summary: Players who love Roulette will no doubt have a ball with NewAR Roulette thanks to increased betting limits and additional wagering options. Take advantage of all this game has to offer for the top experience in online Roulette.

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