Online Keno

Online Keno

📅12 March 2014, 09:52

Similar to other lottery-style games, Keno allow players to select a field of numbers in hopes they’ll be drawn and award big prizes. Several betting amounts and selection options ensure that players from every background can play the way they want and for ample rewards.

Players will need to pick their numbers, selecting 1-10 digits on a game board that numbers all the way up to 80. Once play begins, 20 numbers will be called and depending on how many of the drawn digits match a player’s picks they’ll be rewarded with a sizable sum. Each bet can range anywhere from $0.10 up to $100, which leaves a lot of freedom to bet within any budget.

These game go fast and players can choose to continue playing with previous picks or clear the game board and start all over again. The option to enjoy games one at a time or up to five times in succession can also help keep players involved or let the software do all the work, while players sit back and collect their payouts.

Rewards increase exponentially in Keno and the game can dish out some astronomical awards. Beginning with matching five numbers, player will earn 5x their stake as a reward. If they match six numbers the rewards jump to 24x, and 124x for seven matched numbers. Matching all 10 picks will awards players with 10,000x their stake for a potential $1,000,000 payout if betting the maximum amount.

Software and Design

The game is minimalist in design and plays just like it would on any casino floor. Make your picks, and wait for the draw, it couldn’t be any easier. Minimal graphics means minimal load times, so there is never any delay in getting the game underway.

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Summary: A must play for any lottery lover, this number game is easy enough for anyone to grasp and the potential for a $1,000,000 payday is just too good to let pass.

4.33 Good