Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack

📅24 February 2014, 13:15

While perfection may be hard to achieve, this game comes very close. It has everything you want out of a blackjack experience and maybe even a few things you’d never thought would help make the game even more entertaining.


Players have the same objective as in classic Blackjack, where they are looking to beat the croupier with a hand as close to 21 as possible without going over. The croupier must abide by certain rules as well, like hitting on hands valued at 16 points or less and staying with a hand of 17 or more.

Players are allowed to split and double down on their hands, too. However doubling down can be a risky endeavor, as players are entitled to only one card after the choice is made. Insurance may be purchased for every hand where the dealer is showing an Ace.

A Perfect Blackjack pays well at 3 to 2 for such outcomes. Off-colored 21’s are held at 6:1 odds, while two cards of the same color resulting in a 21 are 12:1 and same color, same suit 21’s are 25:1.

Players may bet as little as $2 on a single hand or as much as $100.


To begin, the game is set in an easy going atmosphere. Light and upbeat jazz along with a very orderly table make for a pleasant game of blackjack with every visit.

Animations are smooth and offer a crisp aspect to every bet and deal. The software is very lightweight and has no lag.

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Summary: It’s always tough to improve on a classic. However, Playtech has done just that with the development of Perfect Blackjack. Get your fill of everyone’s favourite card game to 21 in this spot-on release.

3.83 Good