Pick ‘Em Poker

Pick ‘Em Poker

📅24 April 2014, 10:20

Not your typical video poker game, Pick ‘EM Poker starts out like any other, but takes a wild turn as soon as cards are dealt.

First, to get started a wager needs to be placed, bet anywhere from $0.01 to $25.00 per hand. Once completed, players will then select DEAL to receive cards.

Here’s where things step away from the norm and players have much more of an impact on the outcome of each hand. Two cards are dealt, with two separate stacks of three cards set aside. The top card for each side stack is visible. Players then have the advantage of selecting one of the two three-card stacks to complete their five-card hand.

Strategy comes into play here where players to choose the stack that will presumable have a more positive impact on their eventual hand.

Pick ‘Em Poker is also a multihand poker game. 10 hands in all are played at a time, with these three visible cards remaining the same in each instance. The two remaining cards will be random for each of the player’s 10 hands. That makes for plenty of winning opportunities and a level of control allowed by few other games.

Make the most out of every hand in Pick ‘Em Poker and use these qualities to your advantage.


The game design itself is very attractive. A simple theme with healthy colour variation and layout make for an appealing game screen. Animation is seamless and lightweight, keeping the game moving fluidly. Sound may leave something to be desired, but sound is rarely a defining factor in a video poker game and can easily be overlooked.

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Summary: A very nice variation on classic video poker, Pick ‘Em Poker will please a wide audience by granting them more control overall and providing a high chance to win with every deal.

4.17 Good