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Very Similar to Blackjack, Pontoon players try to beat the croupier by holding a higher value hand at the end of the game round.  A few rules the croupier must abide by leave a bit of room for some strategy to help players come out on top.

Played with eight 52-card decks, the objective is to hold a hand valued as close to 21 as possible without going over.

First, players will need to place a bet before cards can be dealt. The minimum stake is $2 while the max reaches $100. Up to five hands can be played at once, which means up to $500 can be wagered on a single game. Bets can be undone, doubled, or cleared with just the click of a button.

When ready, click DEAL to see your cards. Hands that hold two of the same value card can be split, and if the resulting split has two of the same value cards, then the hand can be split again. Splitting allows for a wager to be placed on each of the original hand’s cards. Player’s won’t see the croupier’s cards until the betting portion of the game has been completed.

The croupier has rules that must be followed, just as in Blackjack. For instance, a croupier must take an additional card if his hand is valued at a soft 17 or lower. Meaning if the croupier uses an Ace to be valued at 11 points in a given hand, he must take another card. For other instances where cards are valued at 17 or above he must stay, finishing the game with his current hand.


The Pontoon software is very similar to many of Playtech’s card games. The setting is fashionable and sleek without bogging down a player’s computer.

Animations are fast and fluid, while sounds are appropriate for the setting and the background score is relaxing and helps immerse players in the casino experience.

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Summary: Pontoon is a great variation on the classic card game Blackjack. Its similar rules and potentially sizable cash payouts are a big draw for card game lovers.

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