Premium American Roulette

Premium American Roulette

📅27 April 2014, 13:08

Bet Big or Bet small, you have the potential to win either way in Premium American Roulette. the odds are only slightly different because this version features 38 numbers instead of the European Roulette style’s 37.

Make your picks as straight-up, splits, dozens, highs, lows, evens, odds and more for a very large variety of betting possibilities. Wagering begins at $0.50 and climbs up to $50 for straight up bets. High’s, lows, red, black, and even/odd bets can entertain wagers up to $300.

Tracking software enables players to see exactly which number have come out in results during a given game period and let players make more informed wagers for better odds of winning. The interactive stat map is a great visual indicator of wheel outcomes and bets can even be placed directly from this game screen for even more convenience.

Plenty of convenient button options for betting exist on the game board as well for fast clearing, rebetting and doubling a prior wager with just one click.


The game board is represented front and center with the roulette wheel resting at the top of the screen in a mesmerizing and continuous whirl. Animation is fluid and doesn’t bog down a player’s system thanks to very non-demanding software.

Realistic sounds and announcements further the immersing effect of the experience and add depth to every game of Premium American Roulette.


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Summary: Enjoy your pick of 38 straight up bets or many other standard and unique options available on the Premium American Roulette board.

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