Red Dog Poker

Red Dog Poker

📅28 April 2014, 13:06

Utilizing three cards at a time to produce a winning hand, players will get a real kick out of Red Dog Poker.

Some small variations from a standard poker game include the fact that three cards are played instead of the traditional five. Also, Face cards are ascribed a point value, e.g.  11 – Jack, 12 – Queen, 13 – King, Ace – 14.

Get started by placing your bets. The minimum is $2 while the max climbs up to $100. That leaves a lot of room for wagering for players of all backgrounds to play their way.

After a bet has been placed players will select the DEAL action. This places two cards face-up on the table. If the two cards are in order, e.g. 4-5 or J-Q, then the hand is automatically a push and the player’s bet is returned. If the two cards are of equal value and the third matches as well, players are considered to hold a winner and will be paid accordingly at 11:1, otherwise it is a tie.

Now the spread comes into the game. This aspect of the game will be marked by the Red Dog token on the board. Cards with a series of values between them, e.g. 4 and 10, will have a spread of five. At this point players will RAISE or CALL and the third card will be dealt. If this card value lies in between the other two cards,e.g. a 4 and Q are dealt first, then a J, this is a win and players will be paid accordingly.

It’s as simple as that. Now you’re ready to start playing poker with the big dogs.


The game is laid out for players in a very straightforward manner. The betting options are front and center with cards on display in an intuitive way. There is little room for confusion and players will no doubt get into the game fast.

With no need to load past the initial opening of the game software, play is seamless and is ready to keep up with the player’s pace.

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Summary: A great variation on poker, Red Dog offers players a straightforward way to make money with a unique card game.

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