Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo Game

📅16 March 2014, 13:26

Dice games are always a big hit at the casino and Sic Bo is no exception to the rule. While the game itself isn’t discussed as much as craps when it comes to casino dice games, it is very approachable and easy to get started playing.

The screen can be realized in three parts. First there is the largest portion of the game board, located in the center, where bets are placed on potential roll outcomes. Below that is where chip denominations are located and controls for rolling that players will use every turn. The top most section reveals minimum and maximum wagering limits as well as small bet and big bet history.

Start out by selecting chip denominations and placing bets on predicted outcomes. The minimum wagering limit is $1.00 while the max rises all the way to $300. This gives great potential for incredible rewards.

Multiple wagers can be placed across the board in different increments. Chips can be added and removed with a few simple clicks. Three dice are rolled instead of two, as in Craps, and the resulting outcomes are how rewards are determined. Players will be rewarded as soon as rolls are completed.

The announcer will let players know if they’ve won or lost if the option is enabled and the game’s soundtrack has a very lounge-type feel to it. Overall, players will find the experience enjoyable and relaxing.

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Summary: Players will have a great time playing this fun and approachable dice game, where rewards are high and the learning curve is easy to overcome. Play Sic Bo at the Casino for lasting fun and easy rewards.

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