Solo Mahjong Pro

Solo Mahjong Pro

📅09 March 2014, 12:04

Players who love pick-up games are in store for a real treat. Solo Mahjong Pro offers plenty of opportunity to capitalize on your picks. Players adhere to the Japanese (Tenwa) rules of Mahjong in this online version of the game.


The game is not for novice gamblers, requiring immense patience and an in-depth knowledge of how the game is played. Without this necessary experience, players may find themselves lost in the woods when trying to play.

Getting Started

Essentially, players will begin with a hand of 14 tiles. One tile will be selected to be discarded, with the objective of obtaining a “ready” hand in mind. A ready hand is one with 13 tiles and requires a single tile to complete a winning combination. The initial discarded tile can be reconsidered and exchanged, so long as the player has not selected to pick up from the field of face-down tiles. Players then select from a board of face down tiles to attempt to complete their winning combination. Up to three tiles may be picked from this field. Winning requires players to complete combinations of numerals and letters forming a complete 14 tile hand.

Features like Action, Reach, Wind and Dora are attributes that can add to the overall score of a hand. For example, Wind and Dora tiles can be matched by tiles in your hand. Holding a successful match will add to the overall score of a winning combination.


Players can view payouts in terms of score ranges, and combinations can be viewed by pattern or by usage.

The hand attributes are displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. These fields will let players know if their particular hand has incurred any additional points, such as a bonus to the winning hand’s score.

The betting range is quite large in Mahjong Solo Pro, which makes it a very accessible game for players of all levels. Betting begins at a minimum of $0.10 and goes all the way up to $100.

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Summary: The game is simple and really designed for Mahjong enthusiasts. Players unfamiliar with the game will no doubt find it a bit confusing. However, once the rules are learned, Mahjong Solo Pro can be a great source of entertainment and rewards.

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