Tequila Poker

Tequila Poker

📅24 March 2014, 12:38

Get a great experience with every hand when playing Tequila Poker, a unique take on the classic card game that offers the potential for substantial payouts.

Betting begins at a minimum of $2 and goes up to a maximum of $100. Players will receive the opportunity to bet an additional two times before each round is finished, offering the potential for huge wins.

Bets are placed with the click of a mouse button and can be subtracted by the same increment by holding down the SHIFT key on the keyboard and clicking the chip stack again.

Players will need to take the initial deal of four, face-up cards and follow this stage of the game with a bet. Two options are available at this point in which one of two betting systems are adopted, traditional card hand rankings and High Tequila rankings, the latter of which is a point-based value system.

A pair of Aces is the highest hand that will return a payout when betting in Tequila Poker mode, starting with a return of 1:1. The Royal Flush will return the highest amount with a 200:1 payout. High Tequila bets reward hands based on their point value. The higher the value, the bigger the payout. Payouts begin at 46 points and return 1:1, with the max set at 54 and returning 200:1.

Players may also fold following the initial deal and forfeit their Ante, if desired.

Following the betting phase, two more cards will be dealt for the opportunity to make a high ranking hand and secure a win.


If you see the makings of a flush or straight within the initial deal, a Tequila Poker bet might be the best option for you. However, when the first four cards’ total adds up to 28 or more, High Tequila could be the way to go.


The software is very lightweight and offers fast-paced action with little to no downtime or loading. Sounds and animations are minimal and, while not distracting, really don’t offer much in terms of additional entertainment.

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Summary: Multiple betting options offer variety in this recent addition to the world of poker games. Play the Tequila Poker with your own strategy and you could walk away from the table with thousands in your pocket.

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