Wheel of Light Arcade Game

Wheel of Light Arcade Game

📅09 April 2014, 13:20

Place your bets in the proper field when making a prediction of where the light will stop after spinning on the Wheel of Light. Plenty of options are available to spread your bets across the game board and raise your chances of landing a winning outcome.

Betting beings at a modest amount of just $0.20 and reaches a staggering $1,000. Place wagers on odds, evens, number fields and colour ranges to outline your optimal betting strategy. Several options and the ease by which players can make intelligent bets make this game a real winner in every regard. Its simplistic approach to the casino wheel game is a great introduction to the genre for players who may be too apprehensive to try roulette straight away.

While it may lack special features, the game is more than sufficient in providing fun and incredibly lucrative results.

Like Roulette, Wheel of light features a 0 space on the wheel. A wager on this narrow space will return a 30:1 reward for correct bets. That leaves room to collect an astounding $30,000 in a single spin of the wheel.


The software itself is in the featherweight class when compared to roulette and other table games. Load times are non-existent and players will find no delay getting in the way of their play.

Wheel of Light Arcade Game - overview
Winning Combinations

Summary: A lightweight game with short learning curve, players can dive into Wheel of Light in no time and earn some impressive returns on their wagers.

3.83 Good