Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Clasico Recap

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Clasico Recap

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Clasico Recap

📅24 March 2014, 12:10

Fans around the world were glued to television sets, online streams and radio broadcasts for the latest installment of the infamous clasico matchup between the Liga’s Barcelona and Real Madrid.

In a game that would ultimately fall in favor of Barcelona (4-3), the two teams were in a heated battle on the pitch, sending shots back and forth, both on and off frame.

Lionel Messi would emerge as the star of the show with an incredible hat trick, each goal coming in 20 minute increments from the 42 minute mark.

Madrid’s Karim Benzema was not to go without recognition, directing two to the back of the net at 20 and 24 minutes. Madrid made good use of the airtime inside Barcelona’s goal box, volleying headers off superb crosses fired by Di Maria and much to the dismay of Barca keeper Victor Valdes.


Minute 65 saw the ejection of Madrid’s Sergio Ramos after tripping Neymar and setting up Messi’s first penalty goal. That brings the career tally of red cards for Ramos to 19.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a lackluster match, managing only to make his presence felt only after receiving a foul from Dani Alves. Sent to the spot on what would later be revealed as a foul occurring outside of the box, Ronaldo didn’t waste the attempt and fired into the lower left corner and passed Barca’s keeper.


Madrid’s efforts would ultimately prove insufficient as Barcelona would maintain the lead passed minute 84 and Messi’s second penalty goal, securing his hat-trick for the game.