FIFA World Cup 2014 – Sie Germans Are Coming

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Sie Germans Are Coming

📅10 April 2014, 11:26

A regular fixture in international competition, there are few who would dispute the quality of the German national team despite the fact that they have not won a title since ’96.

Its world-class athletes have a lot riding on their shoulders as fans are itching to see a big win from the team, and it looks like only a world cup trophy will satisfy their hunger. That puts a good deal of pressure on the team  and the question on everyone’s mind is, can they handle it?

The streak of bad luck was on its way to being broken in 2012 until Italy knocked Germany out in the Euro semi-finals with what everyone agreed was a well-deserved win, making the wound resonate all the more deeply.


Germany employs unique elements into the game, making their style effective as well as a pleasure to watch. For instance, Gegenpressing is a big facet of the team’s overall strategy. It involves the whole of the squad pressing the offensive or dropping back to defend in unison. It is a highly organized and disciplined approach that can be brutally effective. Essentially it capitalizes on orientation when it is weakest for the opponent and strongest for the allied players. Fast transitioning and the legendary German work ethic carry their style further, as well as superior conditioning and fitness regimes.


Consistency, versatility, and coordination are among the team’s chief strengths. Several positioning elements adopted by the squad emphasise these qualities and strengthen the team’s advantage on the push. Capitalizing on economy of space and efficient passing when in possession and taking advantage of opponent disorientation when at its highest, immediately after possession is lost, add to their commanding presence on the pitch.


The biggest concern for the German team will unarguably be defence. Their stunning offensive line up will no doubt put on a display in their opponents’ backfield, but that won’t detract from their lack of substantial stopping power on the defensive end. They’ll need to step things up before Brazil or suffer a potential early knockout.

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