FIFA World Cup 2014 – Portugal Puts on the Heat

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Portugal Puts on the Heat

📅13 April 2014, 14:21

Currently placed 3rd in the FIFA World Rankings, This squad maintains its presence in the forefront of the game. One of the most consistently successful Latin teams, Portugal have regularly proven themselves a force to be reckoned with on the international stage.


Portugal mixes some of the best Latin-based football styles together, making for a creative and engaging opponent.

The game is based largely on possession for Portugal and plays are derived directly from this quality. Individual initiative is emphasized and it is through the spontaneous nature of this style that the majority of plays are made.

Squad members are known for their confidence, excellent ball-handling and creativity to boot.


Portugal’s mastery of the third man release makes them dangerous on the attack against any opponent, penetrating through even the staunchest of defences.

Speed, strength and aggression are also strong characteristics of the team. Cristiano Ronaldo remains one of the key players for the team as their leading scorer. He had a fantastic year in 2013 and if 2014 will be anything of the same quality, opponents will have mush to fear from the Portuguese team.


Apart from their star player Ronaldo, Portugal is lacking in the offensive part of their line-up. Without the power to finish, opponents can focus on shutting down Ronaldo’s efforts and effectively snuff the team’s scoring capability.

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