Argentina Looks For Third Cup Victory

Argentina Looks For Third Cup Victory

📅16 April 2014, 13:14

Coming in at 6th in FIFA’s world rankings, Argentina is a Latin team with a reputation that precedes itself with two World Cup trophies, two Olympic gold medals and several more 1st place finishes in the Pan American, South American Championship, and Copa América competitions.


Argentina’s style most closely resembles creole football, characterised by free-flowing and at times even artistic movement on the field of play. While the style makes for impressive displays of skill, it lacks emphasis on the technical aspects of the game, foregoing the latter in favour of a stronger accent on players’ individuality.


The team’s winning mentality will be their defining characteristic to set them apart from other Latin teams, while solid attacking duos, such as Veron and Messi or Di Maria and Gutierrez, form an equally important part of the equation.

Individual talent will shine on the field, but Argentina will need a team effort to pull out of the group stages and into to quarter and semi-final rounds.


Argentina lacks a definitive style. While traditionally players have emphasized a more creative take on the way the game is played, those returning from the European and American leagues have no doubt become accustomed to emphasizing a more tactical approach to football. How the two sides will be consolidated remains to be seen.

Disorganization in the backfield may also prove to be troublesome for the team.

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