Brazil Needs To Bring Their Best In 2014 World Cup

Brazil Needs To Bring Their Best In 2014 World Cup

📅17 April 2014, 12:46

Recent friendly defeats from the Mexican and Argentinian squads have not helped to bolster the waning confidence of Brazil’s national team. Admittedly lacking in the sureness of their stature, many of the team’s members remain optimistic in the face criticism.


It is widely accepted that the Brazilian team utilizes its own unique style of football coined after the nation’s famous dance, the Samba. Latin, Free-flowing, and emphasizing the artistic elements that lend bravado to individuals’ presence on the field, the style give credence to creativity over technical and machine-like execution. However, Brazil promotes precision, stamina and play-making above all else.

Their three centre-back defence with a duo of dropping midfielders lend strong support and the opportunity for offensive players to capitalize upon opportunities in the opponent’s backfield.


Neymar. The star striker of the Brazilian national team, he will be instrumental in finishing plays on the offensive and keeping Brazil in the fight to the finals.

Solid defence will play a pivotal role for the Brazilian squad and they’ll have just that to help them through the competition, thanks to the trio of Thiago Silva, David Luiz, and Dante.


Range will play a big part in how the Brazilian defence will hold up against opponents’ advances. With three centre-backs, the wings will be vulnerable to penetration and shots from range are one nagging thorn in the side of the host country’s defence.

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