Italy Looks to Lock up the World Cup

Italy Looks to Lock up the World Cup

📅21 April 2014, 12:00

Coming in at number 9 in the FIFA world rankings, Italy is a team known for commanding the field of play from the bottom up with staunch defence and a keen focus on shutting down the opposition before they have the chance to capitalize on any opportunities.


In “the chain” is where we find the Italians when it comes to style of play. Otherwise known as Catenaccio, The word literally translates to English as “door-bolt”, and that is exactly what the Azzurri intend to use to shut out their opponents’ offense.

Organization and effective positioning are key points in this style that help to smother attacks and thwart scoring opportunities.


Italy’s structure and their collective strength as a team help showcase their presence on the pitch.

The team is effective in the air as well, scoring often off the ground.

The quick attack is another hallmark of the Italian team and helps to secure an early lead in most cases.


While early attacks are a strong suit, the Italian squad could do better to defend their leads early on.

Their tight and structured defensive line is excellent for shutting down offensive plays, but the strategy leaves defence vulnerable to long-range attempts on goal.

The Italian offense itself has a hard time finishing outside the box as well, with only 5% of attempts from outside the box finding the back of the net.

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