England Seeks To Secure World Cup For A Second Time

England Seeks To Secure World Cup For A Second Time

📅23 April 2014, 13:54

The last time the English national team touched glory was in 1966 after winning their first and only World Cup title. They nearly reached the final again in 1990, only to be knocked out in the semi-finals.

This year the team has quite a selection of qualified players to get the team on their way. However, it will take more than talent on the field to push the team to the finals, especially when acknowledging the fact that no European team has ever won the Cup in South American territory.


Fast and aggressive play is well suited for the cooler English climate and allows for sustained advances on opponents, where in warmer and more humid climates this style of play can be less effective.


A stellar offense consisting of Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, and Frank Lampard will help the team complete plays on the push and find the back of the net with raw finishing power.

Defensive discipline will keep the back end secure as long as the line holds up.


Lacking a tendency for flare, the team rarely ventures outside of the realm of tactical football. Making plays and taking risks are a big part of the game at the international level, and without these qualities England’s lack of elegance may lose them a few opportunities other squads would be ready to pounce upon.

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