Belgium Beat Their Chests As Competition Approaches

Belgium Beat Their Chests As Competition Approaches

📅24 April 2014, 09:59

The Belgian national football team is one with a strong reputation in the sport. Larger squads are careful not to underestimate this opponent known for having a bite much bigger than its bark.


Belgium is a squad whose football prowess is emphasized by highly physical play. This has led to a pronounced presence of strong defensive players who keep the backfield well-guarded. In the past this has left the attacking end of the Belgian team lacking, but this trend is slowly changing in favour of Belgium.


In short one of the team’s main strengths is in fact its players’ strength. Emphasising physical play has led Belgium to produce some of the strongest footballers around. These footballers are seldom outmuscled on the field and they don’t go lightly.

Attacking is fast becoming a strong suit of the team as well, which will go a long way in this year’s World Cup competition.


Belgium’s coach, Marc Wilmots, has noted that some of Belgium’s key players receive little time in their respective clubs, which could no doubt be detrimental to their upkeep.

An easily distracted mid-field can leave full backs vulnerable to attacks as well.

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