Chile Is Ready To Remedy World Cup Heartbreak In 2014

Chile Is Ready To Remedy World Cup Heartbreak In 2014

📅28 April 2014, 12:30

The Chilean team garners a lot of attention as well as respect from neutral fans and even opposition for the team’s dynamic presence on the field, unique style and unified play. Despite a poor showing in the 2010 World Cup competition, Chile hopes to bounce back with style and strategy that may prove more effective this time around.


The Chileans are well known for a unique brand of football. Their 3-3-1-3 configuration is well-suited for attacking on the push as well as spreading the game out over the field as widely as possible.

Overloading the opponent’s defense allows for players to make numerous attempts on goal from well inside the box.


Versatility is on major strength of Chile’s. Players are comfortable pressing or dropping from their starting positions to adapt to the game and the team’s unique configuration makes for seamless rotations on the field.

The team is strong at short range, scoring many of their points from inside positions. A late-game team as well, Chile can find the energy in the final minutes to capitalize on an opponent’s fatigue or complacency.


Capitalizing on stationary kicks is something Chile could to well to improve. Morale is another weak point in the team’s game, where players often find it difficult to come back from a deficit.

Chile’s defense leaves something to be desired as well, having conceded the highest average goals of any qualifying team.

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