The Dutch Attempt to Tackle 2014 World Cup

The Dutch Attempt to Tackle 2014 World Cup

📅29 April 2014, 07:33

The Dutch pioneered their own style of play and have made it successfully to the World Cup and Euro Cu plate stages time and again. They made the former’s final last time around in 2010, only to lose to Spain. In the 2012 Euro the Dutch won nine consecutive games, scoring 36 goals. Truly, they are a force within football that no opponent takes lightly.


The Dutch are known for spearheading the Total Football movement. By capitalizing on versatility on the field, this style adheres to the mindset that any player can substitute for another’s position at any time to enact effective plays. The 4-3-2-1 configuration offers plenty of offensive power as well as keeping a wary defense at the ready in case of attack on the goal.


The Dutch national team does a great job of pressuring the opponents’ defenses and has a tremendous finishing touch. They are a scoring team, ending 100% of their games with 2 or more goals scored.

The team is effective from range and very keen to capitalize on the left side of the field by stringing together coherent passes as well as connecting crosses.


The closer the team is to goal, the less effective they seem to perform. Less than 10% of all goals scored come from inside the Six and defensive players have a terrible time defending shot on goal from outside the area.

Defense will be the one aspect of The Netherlands’ game that needs to be significantly improved if the team hopes to secure the Cup at this year’s competition.

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