Top Defenders at the World Cup

Top Defenders at the World Cup

Top Defenders at the World Cup

📅29 May 2014, 07:38

As the true football fan knows, the game is as much about defending as it is scoring. With the World Cup just around the corner here is a look at some of the best defenders in this year’s tournament.

Thiago Silva (Brazil)

Silva is pretty much a good all-rounder; he’s both a strong tackler and solid in the air. He performed exceptionally well in the 2010-11 season for AC Milan and proved to be so good with the ball that he was even deployed in midfield when the team was plagued by injuries.

Nemanja Vidic (Serbia)

Almost unknown until his move to Manchester United, Vidic has demonstrated his abilities time and time again during three successful Champions League campaigns and three Premier League titles. He is both determined and graceful and has also been known to score from time to time.

Patrice Evra (France)

Evra is probably one of the best left-backs in the world. He is tough and always reliable. Evra is known for going forward and regularly overlaps midfielders before crossing or passing the ball to a team-mate.

Gerard Pique (Spain)

Pique performed outstandingly at the last World Cup helping secure Spain’s victory. He is both strong in the air and when tackling. Pique is yet another defender who is capable of launching his team’s attack and has truly become one of the world’s best during his time at Barcelona.