Football Goes Hi-Tech in Brazil

Football Goes Hi-Tech in Brazil

📅09 June 2014, 09:06

While football is a fairly low-tech game, this year’s World Cup is set to be the most technologically advanced tournament yet. Numerous innovations are being introduced, all of which are set to enhance the experience for both the players and audiences.

The most major change will be in the introduction of goal-line technology. A system is being supplied by the German firm GoalControl. The system comprises of fourteen high-speed cameras which will relay a decision to the referee’s watch as to whether or not a goal has been scored. Hopefully the introduction of the system will bring about the end of decades of goal-line debates.

Also coming to the World Cup is vanishing spray. The spray will be used by referees to draw a line on the pitch to keep the wall in position during free kicks. The spray is water based and will disappear soon after being used.

Even the ball has had a makeover this year. Adidas has designed the ball dubbed the ‘Brazuca’. It has a deliberately rough surface in order to reduce the size of the wake as it moves through the air. Hopefully, this means that the problems experienced in South Africa with the unpredictable flight-path of the Jabulani tournament ball will not resurface.