Factors Affecting the World Cup’s Group D Teams

Factors Affecting the World Cup’s Group D Teams

📅11 June 2014, 08:10

Group D in this year’s World Cup is likely to be one of the most competitive and toughest to progress from. With Uruguay, England, Italy and Costa Rica all vying for a place in the next round there is sure to be some real drama on the pitch.

One major factor likely to affect the group is the health of Luis Suarez. There are conflicting reports over whether he will recover from minor knee surgery in time to play for Uruguay. Suarez is possibly Uruguay’s most dangerous weapon and without him the team seems far less threatening.

Another factor will be the performance of England’s Wayne Rooney. He has never performed at his best at the World Cup but with so many inexperienced players on the team it is essential that he pulls out his best football.

Italy will be hoping that Mario Balotelli is playing with the same kind of form that he demonstrated in Euro 2012. If he is, then he is truly a force to be reckoned with and will make the team very hard to beat.

Of course there are many other factors which will affect the group, least of all the weather. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some of the most exciting games of the early stages of the tournament in Group D.