Nike’s Animated World Cup Commercial ‘The Last Game’

Nike’s Animated World Cup Commercial ‘The Last Game’

📅11 June 2014, 08:37

Science has taken sports into a dark age, where near faultless clones have brought the excitement of football to a virtual standstill with their predictability and aversion to risk on the field. The world’s greatest football stars have been reduced to working as fisherman, window mannequins, and hairdressers, while their talents have been shelved in the shadow of the clones.

Audiences lose interest and football falls into disarray. This is the state of the sport until one man, former Brazil striker Ronaldo, emerges to once again assemble the worldwide dream team of football and reclaim the excitement of the game that once captivated nations around the globe.

Fans again gather in the stadium, crowd around radios, and huddle outside packed pubs to catch a glimpse of this all or nothing battle between science’s perfectly engineered athletes and the best players the modern world has produced.

Neymar, Roonie, Zlatan, Iniesta, and Christiano Ronaldo lead their teammates in an exciting tale of redemption in this latest animated short from Nike. A departure from their flesh-and-blood, star-studded ads, this release has captivated audiences and successfully brought the focus back to the game amid reports of rampant corruption and snafus by the bounds in Brazil.

Nike has set itself apart from the competition in spectacular fashion with “The Last Game”.