Group D Begins With Surprises

Group D Begins With Surprises

Group D Begins With Surprises

📅16 June 2014, 08:07

Saturday brought yet another round of World Cup surprises. First up was Costa Rica’s shock 3 – 1 victory over Uruguay. Next was Italy’s 2-1 victory over England, while the result was no surprise to many, the strength, quality and determination shown by the England squad was.

Uruguay was easily the favourite to win the match with Costa Rica, and things looked to be going that way when they took an early lead. Things also looked to be following their natural course when Italy took the lead in their match, however, just five minutes later the score was equal again.

Given England’s display, it seems that Thursday’s match with Uruguay could turn into a real competition as each side tries to get points on the board. With enough goals there is a chance that either team could find itself second in the group.

It will be a similar story when Italy plays Costa Rica, both teams will want to solidify their top positions and maintain their chances of progressing. Costa Rica currently has the advantage on goals, and another win would make them extremely strong candidates for reaching the next round.

Saturday’s results have completely shaken up Group D with just two matches played. While there is still a while to go until the knockout stages, it seems that this group will prove to be far more competitive than previously thought.


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