Venus Williams Takes Tennis Title in Dubai

Venus Williams Takes Tennis Title in Dubai

📅24 February 2014, 13:02

The 33 year-old Tennis super-star may have fallen short of top-ranking as of late, but her skills are still world-class, as proven by her most recent win in Dubai.

Currently standing at 44th in the rankings, Venus Williams was wearing a smile on her face after defeating Alize Cornet in the Dubai Championship final. The French player had knocked out Williams’ sister Serena, who is currently ranked first in the world. This made for a bit of sweet revenge on the court.

The win is the first since Venus’ 2012 victory in Luxembourg. She had anticipated playing her sister in the final, but Cornet’s striking performance in the semi’s quickly put that notion to rest. The two sisters have not faced-off in a final setting since 2009.

The final event between Williams and Cornet lasted 91 minutes in all and was not lacking in action. Cornet quickly took the first break over Williams with a 2-1 score. However, Williams would have none of it and fired back to stamp the French player under with a 5-2 double break for the lead. In all, both matches ended favorably for Williams who commanded the court with 6-3, and 6-0 finishing scores.

William’s performance shows her health issues have not been a hindrance and her eminence on the court is a force to be reckoned with.