‘House of Dancing Water’ Steals Show at Macau’s City of Dreams Casino

‘House of Dancing Water’ Steals Show at Macau’s City of Dreams Casino

📅11 February 2014, 08:24

Featuring a stage that is capable of holding more than 3 million gallons of water, The ‘House of Dancing Water’ performance has set Macau in the sights of performance lovers the world over.

The production is currently Macau’s most expensive with an estimated HK$2 billion invested. Combining acrobatics, water stunts, aerial arts and theater, the show employs over 100 cast and crew members.


Developed by Franco Dragone, the experience is one of edge of your seat thrills, dazzling costumes and makeup and death defying stunts, including aerial swinging and ramp-jumping motorcycles.


The set comes complete with ramps, more than five Olympic swimming pools and hydraulic lifts that can change the face of the stage in under a minute flat. The whole production results in fluid and dramatic entertainment that goes uninterrupted no matter how intense the changes on stage.


While all the production value adds to the hubbub behind the show, the story itself is touted by audiences by all too predictable. But don’t let that dissuade you. The show runs a total of 90 minutes and is worth every cent of the ticket price. Just be warned, if you score a seat in the front row you’d better pack a rain coat.