Call of Duty: Strike Team Is a Go For iOS Users

Call of Duty: Strike Team Is a Go For iOS Users

📅02 February 2014, 17:09

Fans of the first-person shooter franchise will no doubt be stoked to find that there is a free-to-play mobile version of the best-selling series.

Taking place in the year 2020, the U.S. has suddenly come under fire from an unknown enemy. It is now the player’s mission to lead a special ops team into the aftermath and deal with those responsible.

The entire app was built from the ground up to suit iOS mobile and tablet devices by Blast Furnace and Small Rockets development teams. Featuring several modes of play, there is plenty to keep users busy and coming back for more. The game features both first-person and third-person viewing modes and players can switch between the two fluidly.

Body armor, weapons and special perks give players the opportunity fully-customize each member of their elite fighting team in two different play modes.

Campaign Mode will take players to locations around the world following a dynamic storyline equipped with nothing less than stupefying cinematic events and pulse-pounding action.

Survival Mode will have players pitted against waves of enemies who grow increasingly stronger with each new surge. Leaderboard stats allow for players to compete against friends online for the top spot in the COD: Strike Team rankings.