Dungeon Keeper Digs into iOS and Android Gaming

Dungeon Keeper Digs into iOS and Android Gaming

📅02 February 2014, 17:15

Epic battles and in-depth lair design are just two of the most attractive qualities this best-selling game has to offer.

Developed by Mythic studios the original dungeon Keeper was a PC release and immediately took off as a hit in the world of Strategy and RPG games.

Mixing these attractive elements before cross-genre gaming was commonplace, Dungeon Keeper was ahead of its time. Allowing players to mine for precious minerals and gems, defend their lair from invading forces and actually give the bad guys a fighting chance at victory, Dungeon keeper secured its seat in PC gaming history.

Now, with the release of Dungeon Keeper for mobile devices, a whole new generation of gaming fans can enjoy this classic and veteran gamers can revisit a favourite of yesteryear as they attempt to create the ideal den of evil.

As the game progresses players will unlock new spells, buildings, minions and more. Creating the most secure dungeon and amassing a powerful army is the only way to assure victory. Keep a firm hand and your minions won’t dare defy you on your way to total domination.

The game is free to play on Android and iOS powered mobile devices and offers a challenging single-player campaign. Achievements can be unlocked and leaderboard scores allow players across the globe to compete for top dungeon keeper.