Flappy Bird Gets the Worm

Flappy Bird Gets the Worm

Flappy Bird Gets the Worm

📅09 February 2014, 09:50

Featuring an 8-bit design reminiscent of Super Mario Brothers 3, Flappy Bird is punctuated by its knack for frustrating players to the point of sending hate mail to the developer at .GEARS Studios.

Currently at no.1 on Google Play and Apple App store lists for top game downloads, Flappy Bird has managed to outreach Candy Crush Saga, a game that has dominated the charts since last year. The popular free-to-play app has now topped over 10 million downloads.

Flappy Bird gives players a small bird that they must navigate through a series of pipes. Players tap the screen to keep the bird airborne and maximize distance. The goal is to fly between as many series of pipes as possible without making contact with any of their surfaces.

While the game may appear to be an overnight success, the timeframe in which the game has achieved its popularity has led some to question the legitimacy of these figures.

One such theory that has surfaced is that Flappy Bird has been downloaded and rated by a series of computer bots that serve to boost the game’s numbers in each demographic. The title has already received more than 72,000 ratings at the App store. Compare that to the 62,000 or so garnered by the Twitter app and you may begin to see why something seems amiss.

When asked to respond to the allegations, Nguyen opted not to comment.