Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch

📅05 May 2014, 13:53

You’ve never played blackjack like this before. Enjoy all of the traditional betting options, including split, insurance, and doubling down. Not only this, but in Blackjack Switch you can play two hands at once and switch a single card between the two for a better chance to win.

Betting begins the game, and you have the option to wager from as little as £2 up to £100 on every deal. After cards are dealt you can split and double up for high wagering possibilities as well.

Here is where the switch comes in. Players who wish to make use of this feature can take the top card from each hand and switch it with the other’s. this is a great way to turn a weak hand into a strong one.

The game will continue as any other Blackjack game does from here, allowing players to split equal valued cards, or double before drawing another. Insurance can even be purchased if the dealer has a potential natural Blackjack.

Super matches offer excellent returns as well, with 1 pair of cards offering 1/1, 3 of a kind giving 5/1, 2 pairs paying 8/1, and 4 of a kind rewarding the player with 40/1 on their wagers.

Anyone looking for a quality blackjack game with a little something extra will really go for Blackjack Switch.


Like most of Winner’s Blackjack games, the focus is on the experience, not so much the razzle dazzle of impressive software. It is for this reason that the software offered takes a minimalist approach to the game. Layout is simple and intuitive as well.

Mellow music and the croupier’s announcements offer the feel of a laid-back casino lounge, which we can really get behind.

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Summary: Blackjack Switch takes a great game and improves upon it by adding extra features for a better chance to win. Any Blackjack fan will agree that this game is a real winner when it comes to playing a classic casino cards.

4 Good