2014 FIFA World Cup – Uruguay Hopes To Go All The Way

2014 FIFA World Cup – Uruguay Hopes To Go All The Way

📅14 April 2014, 12:00

Currently 5th in the FIFA world Rankings, Uruguay is a little South American country with a big presence on the pitch. The team made short work of Jordan and Argentina last year in qualifiers, only to be upset with a loss against Ecuador shortly after.


The eclectic mix of European immigrants from many nations sparked a unique style of football to be developed and adopted by the country’s players. Emphasizing movement, short passes, and highly aggressive play, Uruguay has a brand of football all its own.


One might argue one of the greatest strengths right now in Uruguayan football is one Oscar Washington Tabarez. By personifying the uniform belief that Garra, a spiritual quality comprised of mental strength, street savvy and resolve that play a pivotal role in Uruguayan football, Tabarez is among the chief components of what makes the current national team great. His managerial skills inspire his players and they follow his directives without question.

Team Spirit and unity are other defining characteristics of the squad that will help them remain composed in the face of adversity during the coming competition.


In short, Age is the biggest weakness in the Uruguay squad. They boast a total of eight players over the age of 30, many of whom have become a shadow of their former glory. Youthful replacements have been slim pickings and this may be what bogs Uruguay down against more youthful, vigorous opponents.

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