FIFA World Cup 2014 – Colombia Looks to Claim Their First Cup

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Colombia Looks to Claim Their First Cup

📅15 April 2014, 12:00

Currently ranked 4th in the FIFA world rankings, Colombia has been a powerhouse in the world of international football for decades. The team is famous for World Cup appearances as well, offering such remarkable displays as the 1962 World Cup Olympic Goal against the USSR and the following comeback from a 4-0 deficit.

Displaying the height of their athletic prowess in the 90’s, Colombia’s fire has been dwindling over the past 10 years. This competition serves as the perfect vehicle to get back on track and stand atop the world stage once again.


Colombian football is a more free-flowing and creative style of play that is regarded as far removed from the styles utilized in North American and European leagues. However, Colombian players have displayed in clubs the world over their penchant for adaptability. Colombia has put together a roster that showcases its eclectic mix of their traditional football style with a good deal of European and North American influence.


Colombia’s aggressive defence helps on the attack, pushing and supporting from a much more adventurous backfield. This puts additional pressure on defending line-ups while midfielders can easily lend a hand when the time comes to drop back on the defensive. Their solid line of resistance on the back end will be difficult for any offensive attack to penetrate or break down.


Due to the slow pace of Colombia’s traditional style of play, the team is not as accustomed to fast, reactive play. This will be one of their major hurdles to overcome, despite many players having experience in foreign leagues where speed is the norm.