It’s Game Time For Switzerland

It’s Game Time For Switzerland

📅20 April 2014, 12:00

Currently ranked 8th in overall FIFA standings, Switzerland is running about as efficiently as they could hope prior to the World Cup.

Not a single loss was conceded among their 10 qualifier matches and a large portion of their national team consists of Bundesliga and Serie A players, experienced in international competition. Despite their assumed peaceful disposition, this team is ready to fight their way into the upper brackets, and they’ll have a good shot at making it happen.


Switzerland relies heavily on a steadfast defence and while rigid in the past, has since relaxed to incorporate more creative formations on the field and allow for fresh talent to make plays on the fly.

Encapsulated by Coach Ottmar Hitzfeld’s words, “This is a team that doesn’t hide. We are willing to take risks.”


Defence is a word that comes up time and again when describing the Swiss team. Their performance in qualifiers confirmed the squad’s capabilities as they shut down opponents and denied all attempts on goal in their last nine of 14 matches.

Youth is another thing Switzerland has going for them. Fresh talent on the field will keep energy high and keep the pressure on in both defensive and offensive situations.


The Swiss team has a real problem with finishing and that’s no secret. Things just haven’t been the same since Alexander Frei retired and his shoes have yet to be filled by the next great striker.  The offense see’s many opportunities wasted in front of the goal, in fact, defender Fabian Schar found the back of the net more than any other teammate in qualifiers.

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