USA Plans To Strike At This Years’ World Cup

USA Plans To Strike At This Years’ World Cup

📅27 April 2014, 13:04

The US is probably the one country in the World Cup whose citizens don’t think all that highly of the sport, despite increased interest in recent years.  While the team still struggles to find its own path in the game, the US has managed to stay competitive among far superior teams.


The United States National team has struggled to come into its own in terms of style for many years. Attempting to emulate other squads from around the world has seen little in terms of fruitful results, but this is slowly becoming less of an issue as the US team comes into its own. Attributes most highly valued by the team now as it tries to develop its own style include quality coaching and leadership, solid work ethic and athleticism.


Tim Howard is one of the top performing keepers in the game and will no doubt bolster the US’ fighting chance in this year’s competition.

Willpower and perseverance in the face of unfavourable odds have kept the US in the game as well, even resulting in turnarounds when capitalizing on presented opportunities.


Players are weak in one-on-ones and are less than consistent on their distribution. Mid field will need to step things up in time for the World Cup for the US to remain competitive.

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